The Dreams of Enoch, by Jason Brubaker

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So I know that books such as the Book of Enoch, and, say, the Apocrypha, are not everybody’s cup of tea. And I have a lot of opinions about that, but most of that conversation is outside the scope of this blog post.

Me, personally? I find a lot of value in books like the Book of Enoch, which is referenced in the New Testament. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Powers that Be would like for most Christians to be unfamiliar with what is actually in the Book of Enoch, because it has some pretty valuable keys for unlocking the puzzle of the Old Testament, and also some puzzles that present themselves in the modern day.

What I love about The Dreams of Enoch, by Jason Brubaker, is the visual way that he presents the writings of Enoch. He doesn’t do the whole book of Enoch (although I think that would be pretty cool too) but a section of it, visions that Enoch was given about the history of the world from the beginning all the way to the end.

The interior black and white illustrations are simple, and paired with the word-for-word text, make it easier to keep track of the vision. The visions themselves, when read as straight prose, can be kind of hard to follow. But Jason’s comic style illustrations really help; after all, Enoch received it as a vision, and then had the difficult-at-best task of trying to describe in writing what he had seen.

As a writer, I relate.

The format illuminates the text, and I enjoy it a lot. Go check it out on Amazon here:

Highly recommended. The hardcover is super reasonably priced as well.

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