Act Like You’re In An Epic Story, Because You ARE

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Life was not meant to be a dull, plodding hike, merely concerned with avoiding the finish line (death) and having things be as easy as possible along the way.

We are not here to be passive, dull, miserable creatures. We are here for far, far more than that. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or lying.

We are here in an epic story. And no, we cannot fully see the epicness of this story except in glimpses, because we do not have the needed view. But we are in that story nonetheless, and all have our parts to play.

So let’s play our parts.

Do the brave thing that you know is yours to do.

Write that book.

Paint that piece.

Say that thing.

Stand your ground.

Hold that line.

Take up your sword again, for it will remind you of what you already are.

You are in an epic story with me. Let’s act like it.

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