Books can be a lot of work. And sometimes, we need help.

For fiction, including novels and short stories, I offer developmental edits. I also offer author mentoring for people writing fiction and non-fiction.

Developmental Editing Process

In general, my developmental edits include two read-throughs, making two separate sets of notes.

The first read-through, I will read and make notes candidly, giving you the engaged reader reactions and my candid thoughts. You’ll see my thought process, as a reader versed in craft experiencing your story for the first time. I’ll note things I’m surprised at, confused by, bored with, impressed by, wowed at, etc. This is highly valuable for an author, who can never really read their story for the first time in that way.

The second read through I do in full editor mode, having experienced the whole story arc. Now that I can see the end from the beginning, I will go on the journey through your book as the editor, helping you accomplish your story goals. Notes all along the way again, marked so that you can see what are Reader Comments and what are Editor Comments.

For both reads, I will focus on:

  • Character consistency. Do your characters feel real? Can the reader understand them? Are the relatable characters relatable, and are the strange characters compellingly strange?
  • Strong plotting. Are you hitting genre appropriate emotional beats? Is the pacing right for your audience and goals? Is the foreshadowing the right balance of subtle and clear? Does the structure hold up?
  • Setting, worldbuilding, and verisimilitude. Is the world of your story internally consistent with the rules you have set up? Is it grounded in reality where applicable?
  • Preserving and clarifying your voice. This isn’t my book, it’s your book. You’re going to tell the story the way you need to tell the story. My job is to help you shine at that, and help you get out of your own way. To that end, I will make suggestions about the prose with an eye toward helping you make it the best it can be.

Lastly, I will write up a ‘big-picture’ set of notes, separate from those written in the document. I’ll include overall impressions, general feedback and suggestions, and recommendations for your book going forward.

When I have completed all notes, I’ll send the document back to you, and at that point if you have questions for me, we can talk more. I want to make sure that I am clear in my notes, and that you have what you need to bring your story up to the level you’re seeking.

Developmental Editing Rates

Rates will vary depending on the book and the word count, please contact me for a quote. In general, as of 2023-2024, I charge a flat rate of 3 cents per word. This can vary based on a few factors, again, please reach out.

A Few Other Things To Know About My Editing Style

I am comfortable breaking every grammar rule there is in the service of the story and the characters, which is why I am not a proofreader. Typos are frequently caught, but they’re not my focus: my job is to help you make your story what you want it to be. Spelling and grammar support that, but they are not the core of my job.

I’m also not very nice when I am in editor mode. I will be blunt if I find a problem which will break your story and throw out your reader, because I want you to succeed at what you are doing. However, while I’m not nice, I try to be kind (there is a difference!) in my comments, and I will be respectful of you and the work that you’ve done.

I don’t edit genres I don’t like. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to: horror, steamy romance + erotica, true crime, and excessively political or propagandistic stories.

Author Mentoring and Reflection

Sometimes you need support to finish your book.

Maybe you’re stalled out on a passion project.

Maybe you’re just in need of someone to brainstorm with, or even brainstorm at.

Could be that you’re on your first novel, and you just need a little reminder here and there that you can do it, and that it’s worth doing.

Or, maybe it’s your second novel, and the imposter syndrome has flared up again. Maybe you need someone to check in with for accountability’s sake.

I have a gift for lighting people on fire and helping them finish their book. It’s a gift of encouragement, of seeing you right where you’re at, and helping you not give up on the things which are yours to do. I *like* supporting authors as they’re figuring out their books and their careers.

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